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In their homeland of Africa and Asia, Canaan Dogs live in close proximity to human settlements so they are so-called Pariahunde. Learn more about the behavior, character, occupation and movement needs, education and care of the dog breed Canaan Dog. These belong to the family of lace which is considered the oldest dog family in the world. The Canaan Dog is medium in size and very harmoniously built. Their body is strong and square, the breed resembles a wild-type dog. The wedge-shaped head must be well-proportioned, the slightly oblique almond-shaped eyes have a dark brown color and the relatively short, wide ears are attached laterally. The bushy tail is rolled over the back. The coat is dense with the harsh top coat is short to medium in length and the dense undercoat is present. The color is sand to red-brown, white, black or spotted with or without mask allowed.

Behavior and character

Who is toying with a Canaan Dog must assume that this breed is different than others because the Canaan dog is just so close to the wild animal. They are very local and territorial and have a strong protective drive. They are loyal to their owner. However, they are extremely suspicious of strangers. The Canaan Dog loves their independence. They are considered lively, intelligent and alert but not aggressive.

Employment and movement need

The Canaan Dog is quite sporty and needs plenty of exercise as well as other breeds. For the dog sport they are only partially suitable. However, they are happy about a task as a guard dog. The education of Canaan Dogs is a double-edged thing. On the one hand this breed is quite easy because it is so loyal to their owner. On the other hand you have to convince the Canaan dog that it is reasonable to do something before they see the meaning in it. Since the Canaan is as close to the wild animal as mentioned above it must be socialized very early and particularly expert so that they overcome their awe and is not afraid of external stimuli. They should be familiarized with other dogs as well preferably in a good dog school.

Conclusion: Maintenance

The short to medium-long coat can easily be kept in order with the brush if you rely on regular care. When changing the coat the dead hair of the dense undercoat should be removed. Therefore choose several breeds that you think are suitable. Reputable breeders will be happy to give you relevant information. Also the professionals in the shelter can be a real help here. A good idea is to visit places where dog owners frolic with their four-legged friends. Here you can not only observe the breeds and half-breeds undisturbed but also get tips from people who are not dog professionals. And always remember, the desire to live with a dog should stand in the foreground of your decision. They must be a full family member.