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The Canaan Dog is originally a wild dog that does not need the help of humans. This is also reflected in their character and in their daily behavior. The domesticated dogs are therefore very often very possessive. Not infrequently even a tendency to aggressiveness is recognizable which is particularly aimed at same-sex dogs. As a rule Canaan dogs are not regarded as attackers but as guards and protectors who intervene only in case of threat. Before the Canaan Dog attack they usually give a loud bark as a warning. The animals are therefore very suspicious of strangers.

What is the background of the species?

In the family dogs are faithful and reliable despite their wild origins. They seek close contact with their owner but also need the opportunity to retire. This is especially true in large families where the dogs usually have a great protective instinct towards the children. Overall the dogs are independent and independent despite their proximity to the family. Important in the breed is an education by an experienced, assertive holder and a very early socialization so that the dogs get used to the urban life and the interaction with humans and animals

History of their species

Canaan dogs belong to the pariah dogs spread in Africa and Asia. These are among the oldest dog species in the world, the Spitz family so they can be found on millennia-old cave drawings. The Pariahunde live independently of humans in packs in the desert. However, the breed Canaan Dog was domesticated in the 20th century which was surprisingly easy. While the Bedouins have always made use of select wild dogs as guardian and herding dogs, the Canaan dogs increased their use after their domestication.

Canaan dog race story

The Canaan’s belong to the group of pariah dogs that can be found throughout the African-Asian region. They live near human settlements, tolerated by humans but not raised or fed. They are useful as primitives of any organic waste. Even today Canaan’s live in packs in the desert. If Bedouins need a guard dog for their camp or a shepherd for their sheep, if they seek a wild bitch raising their puppies in a cave, occasionally throw a piece of bread at them until they have selected the strongest male puppy to camp in the future will guard. Because they have a tendency to run off on their own, it’s a good idea to check out some dog gps tracker reviews and buy one. You’ll want to be able to find your dog if they run off.

Conclusion: Canaan dog breed description

Canaan’s are fascinating dogs. They are still so close to the wildlife that their behavior is very different from that of other breeds. Each of them is an individual. They are territorial and possessive, suspicious of strangers and strangers, intelligent and very independent. You can never force them to do something. You have to convince them that it is reasonable to do it. Puppies must be socialized of other races and familiarized with your urban environment so that they can overcome the innate shyness. Since the Canaan is very local they don’t stray. They look at the area in which they live with all their content including their owner, their children and other pets as their property which they must defend against every intruder. Learn more from this great dog resource website.