November 17, 2018 Glen Peck 0Comment

The Canaan has a square, athletic physique of medium height, upright pointed ears, almond-shaped dark eyes and a dense fur with under coat which is not too soft. They have very harsh fur which protects against all weather conditions. They have a relatively broad head but it tapers towards the nose. The tail should be set high and ideally run over the back. They are available in different colors, cream, sand, and red, black with white or white with black spotted, white with brown spots. The appearance is adapted to the circumstances so many stray dogs in southern countries have a similar appearance. Males are usually taller and stronger than females.


They are very independent that comes from their original way of life either as free-living dogs or as a companion to the Bedouins. In both situations, they decide on their own lives and almost nothing is prescribed to them. This makes it difficult for many dogs to adapt to the norms here when the dogs are expected to have “cadaver obedience”. Anyone who chooses a Canaan Dog or any other pariah should say goodbye to an always functioning and accurate basic obedience. In general, they are willing to cooperate with humans as long as they enjoy it and work with them and not against them. It is important to trust what the dog needs in their people. If it is not there, it will refuse to participate.

They are very watchful, they do not miss anything. Everything that is classified as dangerous is barked. This can be a passing car, the neighbor or a moving cat toy whatever lies in the corner. It is important to show the dog what is normal and what is not. They know exactly who lives with them and who does not, who regularly comes through the gate and who is new. Even on a walk they are always vigilant and watch their surroundings, they can relax outside but still they are alert and only sleeps when they feel safe (car, apartment etc.). They are very loyal to their own family.

Conclusion: What are the characteristics?

Strange dogs are rarely tolerated in their own area although they are very open but intact males are not tolerated. In general, it is not uncommon that same-sex dogs no longer understand from adulthood. Because unlike many dogs they grow up and behave accordingly. They are if well socialized can be very open to new to beginners. Everything is carefully inspected before it is considered safe. Even unknown food is usually first looked at in peace before it is eaten. But that must not be confused with fear. Those who do not show skepticism in nature will be eaten and will not live long. It is not a dog who performs well commands without questioning. They make many compromises, yet they can be well trained and conditioned when the training is adapted to the particular dog. They do not only learn basic obedience but also some trick or two.