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Canaan Dog loves their master and has a lovely character, is easy to train and shows off athletic and muscular. The breed belongs to the category of dogs which is species pointed and primitive species of dogs throughout the world and the area has developed in the environment, the physical characteristics and characteristics very different. During the two world wars and the conflicts that unfortunately occurred frequently in their homeland the Canaan dog was a relay race with excellent results or carried messages and missions. In the war, the breed was used to search for injured.

Canaan dog: appearance

The Canaan dog is a dog of average height, average height of 50-60 cm and a weight between 18 and 25 kg even if there is no big difference between a man and a woman and the first one tends to be rather massive. Its physique is square, skull is a bit flat and the body is well balanced, strong and similar to a wild dog. The nose of the Canaan dog is black, the eyes dark brown, slightly oblique in the shape of almond, ears straight, wide, slightly rounded, feet strong, round, like the feet of the cat . And we’ll see that doing something cat also has him in character.

The tail of Canaan dog with face, neck high is very hairy and rolled on the back and then on the rest of the body, the coat is hard and straight, short or medium long with plenty of undercoat. As for the colors, the colors are legal from sand to reddish brown and then in white, black or speckled with or without mask. All colors may have black mask, always symmetrical and white spots but they are not of Canaan dog colors like gray, striped, black and this tan, tricolor. The specimens more common-though rare-both the dog itself is in sand-desert, gold, red or cream.

Conclusion: Canaan dog character

The typical feature of the Canaan dog is its extraordinary devotion to its master. Yes, the breed is very docile and quite easy to educate, unlike others in the same group. The Canaan dog differs and especially for the speed of reactions and strangers who do not hesitate to show in the suspiciously, immediately in the defensive without but never and never aggressive. In general the Canaan dog is a dog of work and sport and nature that does not need special training. The defense of the master who can no longer do it well instead of obedient to the Canaan dog you have to work from an early age starting with the strength of the leash where rebels like and insistent. With the aggressive nature the Canaan dogs are much demanded. You don’t have to train them because their strengths and senses are god gifted. If you want to do the extra ordinary then you can try to put them in a training school where they can learn more and more techniques.